• The research group is composed of specialists with considerable experience both in research and teaching EU law, human rights and international cooperation.
  • Regarding the senior researchers, they all are original members of the ERJAIDI-UE team (Research group on Justice, Home Affairs, Law and Immigration within the EU), recognized as a consolidated group by the AGAUR (Catalan Research Accreditation Agency). Previously, they were also recognized as an Emergent Group by the same AGAUR (2005), for their research on topics related to the liberalization of the trade at both European and international level, and its impact on the social, cultural and environmental spheres.
  • Regarding the junior researchers, the group is integrated by a PhD candidate in the European University Institute (Florence) whose thesis deals with the right to data protection within the AFSJ. Likewise, the team includes a pre-doctoral researcher specialized in areas related to Eurojust, where she has worked for 18 months.

The results obtained can be divided in four blocks:

  1. Participation in research projects
  2. Publications
  3. The writing of reports
  4. The organization and participation in conferences and workshops at both national and international level