1. Development of indicators that allow for the establishment of a typology of different agencies and bodies, both existing and planned, within the framework of the AFSJ.
  2. Classification of the juridical operating tools provided to the agencies and organisms of the AFSJ, according to its legal implications and its effects among the citizens.
  3. Analysis of the efficiency of the possible mechanisms of control of the agencies and organisms of the AFSJ according to two parameters:
    1. Democratic control – in particular, the role of the national Parliaments and of the European Parliament.
    2. Jurisdictional controls – EUCJ and internal courts.
  4. Analysis of the efficiency of the mechanisms of coordination existing according to two parameters:
    1. Participation in conventional frameworks at bilateral and multilateral level.
    2. Forecast of interinstitutional mechanisms of coordination, on a global scale, at state level and at European Union level.


Planned activities

The team intends to develop the working plan bearing in mind that it is a three year study and therefore with a very clear purpose. From this premise and the planned objectives, the investigation will be articulated from the following main activities:

  1. Bibliographical and tool analysis related to the different agencies and organisms of the already existing AFSJ, and identification of what is the stage of creation of those forecasted organisms, but not yet developed according to the Stockholm Plan of Action.
  2. Visits and interviews with European agencies and organisms of the AFSJ, Spanish government entities and international organizations.
  3. Team workshops to put together, balance and follow the state of project implementation.
  4. Presentation of the investigation and its results in national and international congresses.
  5. Collective publications.
  6. Submission of articles to journals of academic impact.
  7. Organization of expert seminars.
  8. Organization of an international congress, with a Call for papers via the website.
  9. Development of a report and proposals to present to the Comisión Mixta para la Unión Europea, to the Secretary of State for the EU and to the European Parliaments about the control mechanisms of the European agencies of the AFSJ.