Agencies map

Agency choice criteria:
From all the various possibilities, the research group has selected ten Agencies following material parametres according to their contribution to the objectives of the area of freedom, security and justice, regardless of their formal legal basis. These objectives are established in the Treaties of the European Union and have been developed by the Stockholm Programme, documents that have served as the basis for the selection.

Criteria in the choice of indicators:
As the thematic organization of the indicators reflect (nature, functions, structure, external relations, control of the European Parliament) the design of the map was made with the purpose of visualizing a fast and clear way to evaluate the hypotheses posed in the project (see objective of the project). It has looked to give an agile and global vision of the characteristics and differences of each agency, as well as highlighting the possibilities and difficulties that an advance to a common frame in the Area of Freedom Security and Justice implies.



Map of instruments:

Internal instruments

Instruments with legislative transcendence

Operational instruments: a. Agreements

                                    b. Dissemination and formation

                                    c. Operational (actions on the ground)

                                    d. Alert instruments

                                    e. Standardisation